Rexlen Corporation, which specializes in automotive, electronics, and mechanical fastener has recently taken another leap forward to a new industry sector.

The recently released and patented “V-Tex Thread for Wood” (V-Tex) is Rexlen’s official entry announcement into the household & DIY markets.

Distinctive Structure Featuring Excellent Functions


“V-Tex” wood screws offer three kinds of minor diameters, which (sorted by value from large to small) are cutting ribs, shank, and chip recesses. After its sharp-point drill drills into the material, the cutting ribs will twist off fibers to create a larger hole diameter and the special cutting teeth on threads will cut off wood fibers.

Then, the chip recesses offer extra space for dust to reduce drilling resistance, facilitating the assembly/engagement/fastening of wood materials and revealing excellent functionality. “V-Tex” is a type of screw for hard wood featuring both cutting and quick drilling and fastening.

3 Major Features of “V-Tex”


  • Low Driving Torque In a test using European hard wood, “V-Tex” features the driving torque lower than the other brands, giving users more labor-saving fastening experience.

  • Low Drilling Time Fastening can be completed within 0.72 second, which is almost on pair with other European leading brands in the same test. This will save a lot of drilling time and enhance work efficiency for users.

  • Strong Pull-Out Value Be it the pull-out force test or the tensile strength test, V-Tex wood screws have proven to function to the same levels as those of products made by other European leading manufacturers. After fastening is completed, it won’t become loose easily. It is not only easy to use, but can also be applied to maximize the work efficiency.

Author: Koelnmesse – REXLEN CORPORATION

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