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Sustainability can also be practised in the field of fastenings, as demonstrated by an innovative product range by the fischer Group of Companies. fischer GreenLine plugs consist of at least 50 per cent renewable resources and are particularly low-emission. fischer GreenLine plugs are made of ecologically produced plastic and consist of at least 50 per cent renewable resources. This has been confirmed by the independent testing and certification body DIN CERTCO/TÜV Rhineland, which has classified the plugs in the BIOBASED 50-85% category. Castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean is used to produce the plastic components of fischer’s GreenLine fixing solutions. Tests examining the load level and long-term behaviour demonstrated that the green plug offers the same performance and load-bearing capacity as the grey classic. Six green plugs are currently available.

With FIS GREEN, fischer offers an injection mortar with biobased components including materials with various functions: reactive resins, fillers, additives, plasticisers and thermoplastic polymers. Tests show that it achieves the same performance as the petrochemical-based original. DIN CERTCO confirms its composition of natural and renewable resources. The FIS GREEN has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Construction and Environment (IBU) as a data basis for an ecological building assessment. The increased environmental health and improved occupational protection through the reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) certify the product’s classification in the French A+ “very low in emissions” emission class.

fischer demonstrates further responsibility for people and planet. The fischer ProcessSystem, which prevents waste, makes a daily contribution to sustainability across the entire company. To honour its commitment in this field the fischer Group of Companies was presented with the German Sustainability Award 2020 in the large businesses category. In addition to its GreenLine, the fixing specialist offers additional sustainable fastening innovations such as its hazard-label free injection mortar FIS V Zero. The innovative formula of the label-free universal mortar guarantees user-friendly and secure use with environmentally friendly application and disposal. The FIS V Zero also fulfils the highest requirements in maintaining clean indoor air quality to the benefit of inhabitants and people using the building.


As the winner of the German Sustainability Award 2020, the fixing expert fischer offers low-emission and environmentally friendly fastening innovations such as the fischer GreenLine, which consists of at least 50 per cent renewable resources.


Castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean is used to produce the plastic components of fischer’s GreenLine fixing solutions. These materials do not compete with food and fodder or their respective crop areas.


Six green fischer plugs are currently available: UX Green for universal applications, SX Green with 4-way expansion, GK Green for plasterboard, the hammerfix N Green, GB Green for a particularly good hold in aerated concrete and FID Green for thermal bridge-free installation in insulation materials.

Author: Katharina Siegel-Rieck

Press Relations Officer

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