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  • fischer launches a world first in construction monitoring

    Posted in Fasteners manufacturers, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Sustainability on Nov 22, 2022

    Intelligent safety monitoring

    fischer is the world’s first company in fastening technology to offer an intelligent and integrated monitoring solution for constructions and facilities. The solution increases the overall flow of information, service life, sustainability and safety of constructions and facilities while ensuring higher maintenance efficiency.

    The sensor-integrated fixing products SensorAnchor and SensorDisc provide users with a time and resource-saving method to identify current acting forces in fastenings. The products transfer the wireless data to the Construction Monitoring module of the myfischer portal, allowing the information to be accessed via web applications on a tablet, PC or laptop or on a smartphone with the construction site-friendly fischer PRO ap.

    Secure connections, intelligent interconnection Thanks to intelligent force monitoring of fastenings, threshold violations and problems can be identified early on in order to take measures, significantly increasing the level of safety. The flow of information reduces the level of complexity, increasing the efficiency of maintaining constructions and facilities. Maintenance intervals are either extended or avoided entirely. The service life of constructions and facilities is extended, which simultaneously increases sustainability.

    SensorAnchor: Monitor forces from a distance A secure anchorage must be guaranteed for countless applications, including rollercoaster support legs, scaffolds and other steel structures, industrial robots anchored to the floor or suspended ventilation systems and other installations in tunnel construction. Additional applications include noise barriers, climbing formwork on high-rise constructions, seismic bracing, high-voltage power line fixings and much more. fischer’s new SensorAnchor enables the permanent and intelligent monitoring of the absolute values of a fixing’s preload and operational forces.

    The product consists of an anchor rod with an integrated sensor that allows forces to be measured directly in the fastening (flux). In order to read the measured values, the SensorAnchor is continuously connected to the battery or mains-powered SensorGateway, which transfers the encrypted data to the fischer cloud in a defined cycle through a wireless standard developed specifically for the Internet of Things (NB-IoT).

    Preload and operational forces are continuously monitored in real time and sent to the Construction Monitoring software application. In order to read the current measurement, the SensorGateway that requires checking is simply accessed via the app before the connected anchor is selected. If the defined force exceeds or falls below the threshold values, a push notification is immediately sent to the smartphone or browser.

    The SensorAnchor is made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is available in all sizes of M16 and above. Up to four anchors can be monitored per gateway. IP67 protection for the electronics in addition to the shock and impact-resistant Gateway housing provide additional safety during construction and industrial applications.

    SensorDisc: Scan forces with a smartphone In addition to the SensorAnchor, fischer is also launching its SensorDisc, a washer for the long-term monitoring of preload force levels of standard screw connections. The measurement is provided at the time of the reading. In order to enable monitoring, the product made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel is equipped with a measurement and readout sensor as well as an antenna. No additional hardware is required. The measured value is the preload level percentage in relation to the installation state.

    Data is transferred using contactless technology and can be accessed via the fischer PRO app using a standard smartphone. The SensorDisc can be used for years thanks to its battery-free, fully passive electronics. Energy is generated via the electric field produced by the reading device and is used to supply the system. If the SensorDisc is touched with a smartphone, this transfers the energy field to the disc, which is then used to measure the current force in the screw connection and report the measured value back to the mobile device. In order to see the remaining percentage of the original preload force, the SensorDisc simply has to be selected and scanned using the PRO app. The disc only needs to be tapped with a standard smartphone to be scanned and can be repeatedly loosened, disassembled and reused in another location.

    The washer is available in sizes M16 and above with no upper limit. SensorDisc applications include wind turbines, crane runways, concrete formwork and flange joints on pipe systems, such as on process engineering or petrochemical production plants.

    Further information can be found at:

    Image captions:

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    The Internet of Things is advancing into fixing technology: The fischer Group of Companies is pushing construction monitoring forward with intelligent, connected fastening products and the fischer Construction Monitoring software solution.

    page4_image2.jpg Image 2

    fischer is connecting fastening technology with intelligent measuring systems with a world first, made possible thanks to the SensorAnchor and SensorDisc combined with fischer Construction Monitoring.

    page4_image3.jpg Image 3

    fischer is connecting fastening technology with intelligent measuring systems with a world first, made possible thanks to the SensorAnchor and SensorDisc combined with fischer Construction Monitoring.

    page5_image1.jpg Image 4

    Sensor-integrated fischer fixing products and fischer Construction Monitoring allow fixings to be efficiently monitored, make acting forces in constructions and facilities transparent, improve safety through early damage detection and result in minimal maintenance requirements thanks to planning. Applications include wind turbine facilities and much more.

    page5_image2.jpg Image 5

    Sensor-integrated fischer fixing products and fischer Construction Monitoring allow fixings to be efficiently monitored, make acting forces in constructions and facilities transparent, improve safety through early damage detection and result in minimal maintenance requirements thanks to planning. Applications include wind turbine facilities and much more.

    page6_image1.jpg Image 6

    SensorAnchor: The innovation enables precise measurement and monitoring from a distance.

    page6_image2.jpg Image 7

    SensorDisc: The SensorDisc simply has to be selected and scanned using the fischer PRO app in order to check the acting forces in a fastening.

    page7_image1.jpg Image 8

    QR code for the fischer Construction Monitoring landing page.

    Author: Katharina Maria Siegel-Rieck

    Press Relations Office fischer fixing systems

    Telephone: +49 7443 12 – 4217



    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers on Nov 08, 2022


    Milan, 3 November 2022 – In less than a month, Fastener Fair Italy 2022 will open its door to the next edition of the international event dedicated to the fastener and fixing industry. On 30 November, the unmissable fastener and fixing technology event will kick off in Hall 3 at Fiera Milano City, in Milan, where national and international producers and distributors will be able to showcase their products and services, as well as present the latest innovations and technological advancement.

    To date, there are around 200 exhibitors from 16 countries representing the sector, including Ambrovit S.p.A., Berardi Bullonerie Srl, Bonfatti Filettature Srl, Bontempi V.I.B.O. S.p.A., Bralo Italia, Carlo Salvi S.p.A., CHAVESBAO (CHAVES BILBAO S.A.), Di Costa Guiseppe Srl, Dimac Srl, Fastbolt Schraubengroßhandels GmbH, Lederer GmbH, MEVI ITALIA Srl, Piloni Srl, SOM FASTENERS, The-ma S.p.A, VIPA S.p.A., VISION Srl, VITAL S.p.A., Zincoplating S.r.l. and many more. Fastener Fair Italy offers a meeting point for market professionals to share new trends, launch new products, encourage corporate marketing activities, and personally meet customers, suppliers and business partners, all gathered under the same roof in one of the major European industrial economies.

    "The strong exhibitor participation in Fastener Fair Italy 2022 is a positive signal indicating an industry's need to return to in-person events to facilitate business networking and trade and enable new sales opportunities”, comments Liljana Goszdziewski, Portfolio Director for the European Fastener Fairs. “We can safely say that there is a keen interest in the event among the sector's key players, and we look forward to welcoming exhibitors, visitors and partners to Fastener Fair Italy 2022".

    The event will include a programme of seminars, workshops and exhibitor presentations, which will enhance the visitor experience with relevant discussions aimed at the entire industrial supply chain. In particular, on Wednesday, 30 November, the conference organised by ECAP - European Consortium of Anchors Producers, "Revision of the Construction Products Regulation, based on the Commission proposal presented in March 2022", will be held. On 1 December, the workshop "Finishes and surface treatments for fastening elements: trends and perspectives", organised by AIFM - The Italian Association of Metal Finishing, focused on innovations regarding surface coatings of fastening systems. Organised by Mack-Brooks Exhibitions – Part of RX, the event organiser, and in collaboration with partners, the seminars will be open to both exhibitors and visitors.

    Fastener Fair Italy is supported by the following Media Partners: AIFM - Italian Association of Metal Finishing, Assemblaggio e Meccatronica, Deformazione, Expometals,, Fastener+Fixing Magazine, Fastener Eurasia, Fastener Magazine from Poland, Fastener Technology International, Fastener World, ICT - Industrial Cleaning Technologies, IPCM - International Paint&Coating Magazine, Italy Export, La Rivista del Colore, L’Ammonitore, L'industriale, Meccanica & Automazione, Meccanica & Meccatronica, Metal Week, MTM - Machine Tool Market, MTM - Subfornitura, MTM - Tornitura, NewsMec, Rivista di Meccanica Oggi, Subfornitura & Eco-Industria and Tecn’è.

    Visitor information, tickets and opening hours

    Fastener Fair Italy 2022, the 3rd International Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology, will be held in Hall 3 at Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy, from 30 November to 1 December 2022. The opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 for both exhibition days.

    Admission is free for visitors who pre-register online on the event's official website. The cost of the ticket purchased during the event days is € 35.

    For more information on the conference programme, the exhibitor list, and to register for free to attend the show, please visit the website

    Fastener Fair Italy is part of a series of commercial events targeted at the fastener and fixing industry, including Fastener Fair Global, the flagship event of the Fastener Fair brand held in Germany, Fastener Fair India, Fastener Fair Mexico and Fastener Fair USA.

    Author: Carolina Mailander Comunicazione

    Fastener Fair Italy Press Office Italy

    Federico Blandino - Tel 340 4792524 Mail

    Martina Bruno - Mail

    Mack-Brooks Exhibitions Ltd – Part of RX – Fastener Fair Italy International Press Office

    Gloria Vezzoli - Mail

  • Successful relaunch for the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR in Cologne

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fasteners manufacturers on Oct 14, 2022

    +++ Around 25,000 visitors from 125 countries +++ Industry celebrates the trade fair’s relaunch after pandemic-related cancellations +++ Over 70 per cent of trade visitors travelled from outside Germany +++ Exhibitors praise high-quality contacts +++ Event’s results exceeded expectations +++


    After more than four years, the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2022 has celebrated a successful comeback in Cologne. Around 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries took advantage of the opportunity to present their products and innovations to the entire hardware industry again. The spectrum of products presented ranged from tools and accessories to building and DIY supplies all the way through to fasteners, fixings and fittings.

    After four successful days of trade fair activity, the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2022 has closed its doors in Cologne. With around 25,000 trade visitors from 125 countries, the event returned after a 4.5-year enforced break and immediately confirmed its importance as the number one trade fair for the international hardware industry.

    “The sense of relief at finally being able to meet face to face again after such a long time and do business in person could be clearly felt among all our exhibitors and trade visitors throughout the entire trade fair,” said Oliver Frese, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH. “You had the feeling that a big family was getting together again after a long time apart.”

    “The trade fair was a success, especially in the context of the ongoing travel restrictions in Asia, the acute energy and raw materials crisis, and the geopolitical situation in many countries. The feedback from our exhibitors about the business contacts they’ve made is positive across the board. Clearly, companies made a strategic decision to attend the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR – the decision makers were here,” commented Oliver Frese.

    EISEN Award 2022 powered by ZHH

    The coveted EISEN Award was presented once again at the first EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR after the pandemic. This time, Koelnmesse partnered with the German hardware trade association Zentralverband Hartwarenhandel (ZHH). From the more than 50 innovative products submitted, the expert jury selected the three prize winners of the EISEN Award 2022 powered by ZHH. The prize winners include the AluTec hammer by Picard. The carpenter’s hammer boasts a unique combination of aluminium and steel, which enables previously unachievable ergonomics. The second winning entry is the Go! SMART measuring tool by SOLA-Messwerkzeuge. At just 8 cm long, it brings the analogue and digital worlds together and fulfils the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor. Also among the EISEN Award winners for 2022 is ToughBuilt with its Scraper Utility Knife – the world’s first two-in-one. The patented knife allows users to switch between a utility knife and a scraper with the flick of a thumb.

    DIY Boulevard 2022

    In cooperation with the manufacturers’ association Haus & Garten, Koelnmesse presented its 56 DIY suppliers with an exhibition area covering a total length of 272 metres, which had been fully booked long before the opening of the event. The DIY Boulevard offered manufacturers the unique experience of being able to design the POS in line with their branding with an authentic display of their merchandise as well as the chance to make direct contact with end customers.

    eCommerce area

    The digital transformation does not stop at the hardware industry. The EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR has followed this development closely. With the eCommerce area, it provided the ideal platform for both finding and showcasing digital solutions. The spectrum of products and services ranged from shop systems and electronic payment systems to data storage and processing all the way through to search engine optimisation. The content of the eCommerce area was curated by major names including eBay, OTTO, DHL, Facebook and Shopware.

    What the industry’s saying about the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair 2022

    John W. Herbert, General Secretary of the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN)

    “The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair is the most important platform for our industry. It’s both a barometer of trends and a trendsetter. In other words, it’s the networking platform for the global hardware trade. I’m very happy to be in Cologne, meeting so many colleagues from all over the world.”

    Dr Peter Wüst, Managing Director of the German Retailers’ Association for Home Improvement, Building and Gardening (BHB e.V.)

    “I’m delighted to be at the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair. The event is absolutely vital for maintaining business relationships face-to-face in this period of crisis. Despite the difficult times we find ourselves in, I’m picking up a sense of optimism about the future from the people I’ve been talking to.”

    Wolfgang J. Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair

    The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne is still the industry’s number-one event, where most of its innovations are presented. It’s the trade fair with the strongest international profile, even though many visitors and exhibitors from Asia have been unable to attend due to the pandemic.”

    Dietrich Alberts, Managing Director of GAH-Alberts

    “The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair has earned its reputation as the industry’s leading trade fair over many years. Exhibitors and visitors know they can expect high quality across the board when they come here.” Stefano Spillere, General Manager of Telwin SpA “Telwin has been coming to the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair for more than 30 years. For us, the trade fair is very important in terms of cultivating our network and maintaining contact with our international customers.

    Paul Samms, Director of Licensing at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

    “We’re over the moon to be back at the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair after a break of more than four years. Our international customers have told us that they travelled to Cologne for the trade fair especially because of us. The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair is the ideal place to tap into new areas of the market and find new retailers.”

    Ferdinand Munk, owner and Managing Director of MUNK Group

    “Of course, after the coronavirus pandemic, it’s great for the industry to get together again at the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair. The number of contacts may not be as high as it used to be yet, but the quality is exceptional because the visitors are enthusiastic about returning to Cologne to maintain their business relationships in person.”

    Thomas Dammann, Managing Director of the Central Association of the Hardware Trade in Germany (ZHH e.V.)

    “The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair is particularly important for the specialised trade because it provides the opportunity to maintain relationships with international contacts and establish new ones. The trade fair is a chance to get an overview of all the innovations and to be inspired by the other manufacturers.”

    Sven Wilde, Head of Marketing Communications at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH

    “The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair is the ideal opportunity for us to meet our international customers and show them our products and solutions. We’re very satisfied – even though the number of visitors to our stand was lower this year, we feel that the quality of the discussions has been even higher than usual.”

    Stefan Weigel, Executive Director/CMO at Wolfcraft

    “At Wolfcraft, we don’t just focus on the product. Instead, we look at the bigger picture in terms of sustainability and the customer journey as well as our products. The EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair is a great opportunity for me to explain this wide-ranging approach to visitors, so I’m very happy to be able to take advantage of this platform. It’s a source of potential that we, as suppliers of branded products, will continue to draw on in the future.”

    The next EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne will be held from 3 to 6 March 2024. Koelnmesse – industry trade fairs for the hardware sector:

    As a top international trade fair organiser, Koelnmesse is the global market leader in organising events for the hardware/ironware segment. It hosts the leading international event EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne at its trade fair grounds in Cologne, where Asia-Pacific Sourcing also showcases products, innovations and trends for homes and gardens from the Far East. In addition to the events at its Cologne headquarters, Koelnmesse is expanding its portfolio internationally in key markets: The China International Hardware Show in Shanghai, the International Hardware Fair Italy in Bergamo and the International Hardware Fair India in New Delhi are bespoke events and leading trade fairs for the region with international participation. They create the foundation for sustainable, international business for their participants and bring together supply and demand within the sector with a carefully targeted approach. Further information:

    Author: Judith Leyendecker

    Communications Manager

    Koelnmesse GmbH

  • 7th International Istanbul Hardware Fair to be held in August 24-27, 2023 in a larger space with additional features

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Hardware on Sep 22, 2022

    Organized by Voli Fuar, with the motto of “Growing Together” 6th International Istanbul Hardware held in the new venue with additional halls in 25,000 sqm, achieved a major success. The Istanbul Hardware Show once again prognosticated of being a milestone in the Turkish hardware industry and has achieved to entitle the internationality degree long time ago. International Istanbul Hardware Fair turned out to be a commercial arena participated by a total of 257 participants, and visited by 23,525 visitors domestic and international, as the only and unique event specialized in hardware and tools in Turkey. International Istanbul Hardware Fair opened the fair season of all international hardware fairs and become the first comprehensive exhibition of the year.


    Mr. Mustafa Varank, The Minister of Industry & Technology, visited the fair in the opening day. Having accompanied by Zülküf Karadayi, Project Director, Varank stopped by all the booths of the exhibitors and had discussions with the top management of the companies. Such, Mr. Şekip Avdagiç, President of the Executive Board, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, also visited the exhibition on the last day, and he also listened the challenges of the participants about the industry along with Karadayi.


    Last, but not the least, the international purchasing delegations, conquered the fair. Delegations from GSP-2 and Gastroprom, two subsidiaries of Gazprom, the largest natural gas provider globally and top company of Russia, have marked 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair on the 3rd and 4th days. Total hardware and tools purchase of these companies is estimated over 5 billion rubles globally. Following a brief presented by Yusuf Okçu, International Sales and Marketing Manager, International Istanbul Hardware Fair, the delegation visited all companies in their product range that they already have decided to supply.


    Committing their motto, International Istanbul Hardware Fair, keep growing. 7th edition of the International Istanbul Hardware Fair, which has a world-class dynamism in innovation, novelty and diversity, will be held in 24-27 August 2023. Organizer Voli Fuar decided to hold the exhibition in a larger space of about 45,000 sqm with the addition of Halls 4 and 8,. The organizers will dedicate Hall 8 to Occupational Health & Safety Industry on 8,450 sqm in the upcoming edition.

    The organizers recommend the visitors to arrange 4 days to visit the exhibition efficiently and to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, where East meets West. We hope to see you next edition…


    Author: Yusuf Okcu

    International Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Green plugs made of natural resources

    Posted in Fasteners manufacturers, Innovation, Sustainability on Aug 23, 2022

    fischer GreenLine

    Sustainability can also be practised in the field of fastenings, as demonstrated by an innovative product range by the fischer Group of Companies. fischer GreenLine plugs consist of at least 50 per cent renewable resources and are particularly low-emission. fischer GreenLine plugs are made of ecologically produced plastic and consist of at least 50 per cent renewable resources. This has been confirmed by the independent testing and certification body DIN CERTCO/TÜV Rhineland, which has classified the plugs in the BIOBASED 50-85% category. Castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean is used to produce the plastic components of fischer’s GreenLine fixing solutions. Tests examining the load level and long-term behaviour demonstrated that the green plug offers the same performance and load-bearing capacity as the grey classic. Six green plugs are currently available.

    With FIS GREEN, fischer offers an injection mortar with biobased components including materials with various functions: reactive resins, fillers, additives, plasticisers and thermoplastic polymers. Tests show that it achieves the same performance as the petrochemical-based original. DIN CERTCO confirms its composition of natural and renewable resources. The FIS GREEN has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the Institute of Construction and Environment (IBU) as a data basis for an ecological building assessment. The increased environmental health and improved occupational protection through the reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) certify the product’s classification in the French A+ “very low in emissions” emission class.

    fischer demonstrates further responsibility for people and planet. The fischer ProcessSystem, which prevents waste, makes a daily contribution to sustainability across the entire company. To honour its commitment in this field the fischer Group of Companies was presented with the German Sustainability Award 2020 in the large businesses category. In addition to its GreenLine, the fixing specialist offers additional sustainable fastening innovations such as its hazard-label free injection mortar FIS V Zero. The innovative formula of the label-free universal mortar guarantees user-friendly and secure use with environmentally friendly application and disposal. The FIS V Zero also fulfils the highest requirements in maintaining clean indoor air quality to the benefit of inhabitants and people using the building.


    As the winner of the German Sustainability Award 2020, the fixing expert fischer offers low-emission and environmentally friendly fastening innovations such as the fischer GreenLine, which consists of at least 50 per cent renewable resources.


    Castor oil made from the seed of the castor bean is used to produce the plastic components of fischer’s GreenLine fixing solutions. These materials do not compete with food and fodder or their respective crop areas.


    Six green fischer plugs are currently available: UX Green for universal applications, SX Green with 4-way expansion, GK Green for plasterboard, the hammerfix N Green, GB Green for a particularly good hold in aerated concrete and FID Green for thermal bridge-free installation in insulation materials.

    Author: Katharina Siegel-Rieck

    Press Relations Officer


    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Hardware on Jul 18, 2022


    The International Hardware Fair Cologne launches satellite event

    The new event “powered by EISENWARENMESSE” will be held from 5-6 May 2023 at Fiera di Bergamo

    Koelnmesse brings the approved trade fair model of EISENWARENMESSE to Italy by launching International Hardware Fair Italy. The new international project for the European market will provide a "home" in odd years to the world of hardware, building, DIY, outdoor and gardening, safety, colour, electrical and industrial supplies. “Our decision to launch International Hardware Fair Italy is in line with our strategy to strengthen our global portfolio while responding to the growing demand in the Italian market” according to Gerald Böse, CEO of Koelnmesse GmbH.

    Gerald Böse, CEO of Koelnmesse GmbH.jpg

    Briefly, this is the commitment that the new event intends to maintain by alternating with the International Hardware Fair Cologne. The Italian event will adopt contents, style, philosophy, objectives and quality of the largest trade fair in the sector worldwide. This new format underlines the great attention of one of the world's most important trade fair organisers for Italy, which, beyond being a leading market, is certainly one of the most attractive location for events of European importance.

    The choice of the new location, Bergamo, meets the development and internationality requirements of the new event. It is easily accessible, in a strategic position in northern Italy and well connected to all of Europe.

    "For some time now, we have been collecting precise signals from the Italian and European markets for an event that will provide the many sectors mentioned with the necessary continuity of relationship with the market", comments Thomas Rosolia, CEO of Koelnmesse's Italian subsidiary. "We have chosen to put all our experience as exhibition organisers into an international exhibition that meets the real needs of the technical hardware, building and DIY sector. We will achieve this goal with the collaboration of institutional partners and leading production and distribution companies", adds Mr. Rosolia.

    Thomas Rosolia AD Koelnmesse Italia Portrait_19_001_013.jpg

    International Hardware Fair Italy will be targeting an extremely wide range of visitors: from traditional and professional hardware distributors to tool shops, from large-scale retailers and DIY brands to paint shops and building material retailers. Of course, manufacturers and importers, distributors and decision makers from the industry panel, the increasingly important e-commerce platforms, garden centres, buyers, industry and service companies, will all be present too. The exhibition is completed by a full calendar of side events: business meetings with major distributors, conferences, demo areas and training workshops to explore the topics and problems of fast-changing sectors.

    See you at International Hardware Fair Italy, 5-6 May 2023 Fiera di Bergamo

    Author: Koelnmesse – Hardware worldwide

    As an international top organiser of trade fairs, Koelnmesse is the global market leader for the product sections hardware/ironware divided up into the segments Tools, Industrial Supplies, Fasteners and Fixings, Fittings, Home Improvement as well as for the innovations of these industries. The leading trade fair EISENWARENMESSE - International Hardware Fair Cologne - as well as Asia-Pacific Sourcing in Cologne, the International Hardware Fair Italy in Milan and CIHS - China International Hardware Show in Shanghai/China - are exemplary for this.

  • fischer’s sustainability is honoured with Plus X Award

    Posted in Award, Fasteners manufacturers, Industry 4.0, Sustainability on Mar 22, 2022

    “You are new, eco -friendly, cool, alternative, sustainable and green” – it was with these words that the fischer Group of Companies was initially informed by email that it was being presented with the Plus X Award for sustainability. The award honours companies that stand for a sustainable future with their sense of responsibility and foresight. Christia n Ziegler, Head of Sustainability, Environment and Energy at fischer, is pleased about the award as it serves as confirmation of the company’s outstanding commitment once again.

    The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Having existed for 19 years, the award honours companies such as the fischer Group of Companies for their leading edge in innovation. “Your company acts in a fut ure-oriented and sustainable manner with its exemplary commitment, foresight and sense of responsibility”, the statement said.

    “Our colleagues prevent waste on a daily basis through the continuous improvement process, also known as the fischer ProcessSystem, making a significant contribution to the sustainability of the fischer Group of Companies”, Christian Ziegler explains. Together with fischer’s cross-departmental sustainability team, he has been committed to showing all fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG Corporate Communications Klaus-Fischer-Straße 1 72178 Waldachtal members of staff potential sus tainable actions for years. An ideas campaign on the subjects of sustainability and the environment was used to gather suggestions on how to be even more resource-efficient across the company.

    A mobile phone campaign gave members of staff the opportunity to donate their old smartphones which are used to collect rare earths before they are recycled. Another exchange with representatives of important stakeholder groups was held again this year with the stakeholder workshop, which allows fischer to define fi elds of action. The stakeholders included customers, suppliers, representatives from the communities surrounding company headquarters and the Freudenstadt district as well as NGOs, national associations, environmental groups and scientists.

    The Plus X Award is presented by a jury of international and independent jurors from over 80 industries. With 23 strategic partners and over 700 participating international brands, it is the world‘s largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle.

    fischer has previously won multiple awards for its comprehensive commitment to sustainability. The company was presented with the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the large businesses category, Europe’s biggest and most important award in the field of sustainability. Various projects at the Tumlingen site were furthermore honoured as part of the 100 Companies for Resource Efficiency projet.


    Image caption: fischer is being presented the Plus X Award for sustainability for its exemplary commitment, foresight and sense of responsibility.

    Author: Wolfgang Pott

    Head of Corporate Communications

    Telephone: +49 7443 12 – 6622



    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers on Jan 24, 2022

    One-time postponement to the fall will ensure maximum participation from exhibitors and visitors including vital Asian sales and manufacturing markets “As the world’s leading trade fair for the hardware industry, our aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of the global market and bring together suppliers and buyers from all over the world. With this in mind, we together with the associations and exhibitors have decided to hold the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE from 25 to 28 September 2022, instead of the originally scheduled dates of 6 to 9 March 2022,” announced Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse, Oliver Frese, in Cologne today.

    Since the pandemic situation continues to develop dynamically worldwide and strict travel restrictions are expected in March, especially for important Asian overseas markets, this scenario is a win-win for everyone: Exhibitors can plan for September with a longer lead time and look forward to the usual international audience, including from Asia. Visitors can look forward to a renowned group of participants and an attractive event programme shaped by a high number of exhibiting companies.

    “With the Anuga Food Fair and International Dental Show (IDS) in the fall, we proved that trade fairs with Koelnmesse’s hygiene and safety concept are once again possible at an international level and can be carried out safely for everyone. Furthermore, our customers were very pleased with the business activities at these events,” pointed out Oliver Frese. “However, certain industry-specific conditions must be in place in order to fully leverage the power of personal exchange at an international trade show. In the case of EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE, this power will be significantly greater in September thanks to the participation of the Asian market.”

    The Asian manufacturing and sales market plays an important role in the hardware industry. Many Asian countries have again identified Germany and large parts of Europe as a risk area due to the generally high incidence figures, and travelling from these countries will be difficult well until spring. Based on the experience from 2021 and as the global vaccination campaign progresses, the situation should look completely different in September 2022.

    The decision to postpone the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE was therefore made independently of the situation of other spring trade fairs in Koelnmesse’s portfolio, which have considerably different exhibitor and visitor structures in some cases.

    Full support from the industry

    “The industry needs a strong EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR to build long-term success,” commented Wolfgang J. Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Managing Director of Witte Tools. “If the conditions for this are better in September than in March, then postponing the date is the only logical and correct decision for the industry and the trade fair.”

    "The German tool industry is strongly export-oriented. We therefore need an internationally widely attended INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR and we are confident that we will achieve this goal with the postponement,” said Managing Director of the German association of tool manufacturers (FWI) Stefan Horst regarding the postponement.

    "First things first: we can continue to look forward to an INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR in 2022 and thus to an important instrument to prepare for the future in these turbulent times together as an industry. The postponement will enable all exhibiting companies to devote their full attention to the preparations for the fair after what is expected to be a hard winter," said Norbert Lindemann, Managing Director of Herstellerverband Haus & Garten e.V. (German Association of Home & Garden Manufacturers).

    “Trade fairs are the lifeline of our international business activities and play an immense role in helping the pandemic-battered global economy get back on its feet. The EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR is one of the events that we always recommend our members attend. The fact that we will have to wait to see each other in Cologne again in no way diminishes the anticipation,” says John Herbert, General Secretary of the European DIY Retail Association/Global Home Improvement Network (EDRA/GHIN) on behalf of the international DIY markets.

    March event is not a blueprint

    Planned for a long time and ready to go – top-class informative special exhibitions and theme platforms such as the eCommerce area featuring innovative, disruptive solutions and strategies for retailers in the areas of payment, shop systems, ERP, hosting, search engine optimisation and multichannel. The digital extension EISENWARENMESSE @home will be available in September also. “Nevertheless, we do not want to just take the plans for March and use them for September: The world simply changes too quickly,” said Matthias Becker, Director of EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE. “We will look at the current hot topics in the industry and adapt the plans accordingly.” Koelnmesse – industry trade fairs for the hardware sector: As a top international trade fair organiser, Koelnmesse is the global market leader in organising events for the hardware/ironware segment. It hosts the leading international event EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne at its trade fair grounds in Cologne, where Asia-Pacific Sourcing also showcases products, innovations and trends for homes and gardens from the Far East. In addition to the events at its Cologne headquarters, Koelnmesse is expanding its portfolio internationally in key markets: China International Hardware Show (CIHS) in Shanghai and Hardware Forum Italy in Milan are bespoke events and leading regional trade fairs. They create the foundation for sustainable, international business for their participants and bring together supply and demand within the sector with a carefully targeted approach.
    Further information:

    The next events:

    Hardware Forum Italy - The hardware expo and forum, Milano September 2022 China International Hardware Show - Leading Trade Fair for Tools, DIY and Building Hardware, Fasteners, Security Systems, Locks and Fittings, Shanghai 21.09. - 23.09.2022

    For more information please follow EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR

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    Author: Judith Leyendecker Communications Manager


    Posted in Fastener distribution, Industry 4.0 on Nov 29, 2021


    Goebel GmbH announces a new and exciting partnership with Tower Fasteners EU Ltd as an official authorized distributor for all products & tooling.

    The two companies entered into an agreement that sees Tower Fasteners EU Ltd become an authorized distributor for Goebel GmbH product lines which consist of: Blind Rivets, Threaded Inserts, new G-Grip™ Stainless Lockbolt System, Self-Tapping/Drilling Screws, Sealing Washers, Drill Bits, Nut Drivers, Over-Center Toggle Latches, Hand & Power Tools, PPE Equipment, and many more innovative specialty products.

    “Goebel GmbH is pleased to partner with Tower Fasteners EU Ltd to distribute our blind fastening product lines, over-center latches, new G-Grip™ Stainless Lockbolt System, and other product lines throughout the Republic of Ireland. For over 50 years Tower Fasteners has been a leader in the field of fastener distribution and “C” class commodity inventory management systems. Their persistence about making sure it’s the right part, on time, every time supports their commitment to supply products from only the highest quality manufacturers; it is an integral part of their longevity and success in this business. Tower Fasteners EU Ltd is a great fit for our company’s vision and we are looking forward to working together for years to come.”, said Marcel Goebel, CEO of the Goebel Group.

    Derry Cronin, Key Account Manager was equally pleased stating. “From the very first day into the present time, Tower Fasteners continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence in fastener distribution. Tower Fasteners is committed to providing world class products and services the first time and every time. Each and every Tower employee shares the Shannon family's commitment to total customer satisfaction. Partnering with Goebel GmbH and distributing their innovative fastener solutions will help us provide our customers new products that will help streamline their manufacturing processes. Tower Fastener employees go above and beyond to help customers find solutions to their problems.”

    About Tower Fasteners

    Thomas J. Shannon founded Tower Fasteners in 1967 in Mineola, New York. Mr. Shannon's philosophy was a simple but powerful one: provide his customers with the products they needed, when they needed them, without fail. Because of Mr. Shannon's strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Tower Fasteners continued to grow year by year.

    The company relocated several times to larger facilities across Long Island. The first Tower distribution center, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is now a sales office, was opened in 1975. In 1986, Tower designed and built its current corporate headquarters, in Holtsville, New York. Additional distribution centers in New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Mexico, and Texas are currently servicing Tower customers along the East Coast and Southwest of the United States, as well as in Mexico. In 2018, Tower Fasteners opened its first European distribution center in Dublin, Ireland. Tower Fasteners EU Ltd is located less than thirty minutes outside of Dublin’s city center and will serve as Tower’s European headquarters. Tower has grown from a one-person organization to a company that employs over 100 people in eight states. Today, Tower Fasteners is being managed by a second generation of Shannon's that have inherited Thomas J. Shannon's passion for, and commitment to, excellence. For more information visit

    About Goebel

    The Goebel Group is a family-run and internationally active business group of joining and assembly technology. Considered specialists in the development of innovative and high-quality joining elements and corresponding processing systems, their friendly and experienced staff, representatives, and distribution partners take care that customers are satisfied and actively support the entire supply chain as well as value chain. For more information visit

    Author: Goebel

  • Registration for Fastener Fair CONNECT - the digital event for the international fastener and fixing industry - is now live.

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fasteners manufacturers on Nov 08, 2021

    Fastener Fair CONNECT is a two-day online business trade, network and knowledge platform calling all international fastener and fixing industry professionals from 17-18 November 2021. Registration to attend the event is now available on the official show website. With the digital participation, attendees from various industrial sectors will be able to identify and connect with relevant technology suppliers, browse products and innovations on the virtual showrooms, and attend live sessions and webinars on current industry issues tailored to deepen the sector's know-how and competencies.

    "Fastener Fair CONNECT will provide attendees with a unique platform to specify the latest innovative products, equipment and technologies. Our matchmaking features will create new business potential by pairing participants with compatible profiles and interests. The event enables the industry to connect with potential and existing customers worldwide and arrange business meetings directly on the platform. In addition, Fastener Fair CONNECT will offer a webinar programme to discuss the challenges of the fastener supply chain and the most recent fastener and fixing industry trends", states Liljana Goszdziewski, Portfolio Director of the European Fastener Fairs, at Mack-Brooks Exhibitions.

    Exhibitors participating in the event are fastener and fixing systems, technologies and equipment suppliers, covering a wide range of products and services from the whole supply chain. Amongst them Dimac, provider of automated engineered inspection solutions and sorting equipment for fasteners and special parts;DÖRKEN Coatings offering high-quality surface protection, with innovative technologies in zinc flake coatings, galvanisation systems and KTL; HEICO, producer of customer-specific drawing related cold forges parts, mainly distributed to the automotive industry; IMANPACK, provider of a wide range of weighing, packaging and boxing systems for the hardware industry, small parts and kits; Rotor Clip, producer of tapered section retaining rings, spiral retaining rings, wave springs and self-compensating hose clamps; SACMA Group, manufacturer of multi-station cold forming machines for high precision metal components and fasteners. View the complete exhibitor list: Further information on the Fastener Fair CONNECT webinar programme and speakers will be released in due course.

    FREE visitor registration is available at

    Further information on the Fastener Fair CONNECT webinar programme and speakers will be released in due course.

    FREE visitor registration is available at

    Author: Gloria Vezzoli, PR & Marketing Manager Fastener Fair Stuttgart Press Office