(Somerset NJ) Rotor Clip has responded to the increased demand in the marketplace for smaller, innovative, and more efficient assemblies. Rotor Clip now has the capability of manufacturing smaller-sized wave springs ranging from .118 -25” (3 - 635 mm). The advancement in development for smaller assemblies benefits a variety of industries, such as medical devices, electronics, and consumer products. Today’s marketplace calls for smaller, lighter assemblies with greater efficiencies and lower manufacturing costs. Rotor Clip now further supports the market by introducing new, standard series small diameter wave springs! Our multi-turn wave springs are now available as standards from:

  • .188” outside diameter
  • 6 mm outside diameter


Wave springs can offer up to 50% of axial space savings compared to conventional coil springs, providing the same force and deflection. Wave springs do not suffer from torsional loading and twisting that can cause wear. Additional benefits include increased travel distances and the ability to self-locate in bored holes and shafts. Through a vertically integrated manufacturing process, starting with in-house wire production, the combination of process control and metallurgical expertise allows Rotor Clip to react quickly to meeting requirements, perfecting prototypes, and identifying favorable opportunities to enhance product quality.

Standard Materials

  • Carbon steel (standard) - SAE 1060-1090 (ST)
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel (standard)

Other Materials

  • Stainless - AISI 302, AISI 316, and A286
  • Inconel X-750
  • Elgiloy
  • Hastelloy C276
  • Beryllium-copper
  • Phosphor-bronze

Customization Options

  • Spring force and work height
  • Cycle life
  • Nested coiling
  • Shimmed or flat end
  • Wire thickness and shape
  • Coiling direction

Rotor Clip engineers are always available for assistance in selecting the right part, whether it is a standard or providing free design consultations on custom parts. We’re focused on providing Application Driven Solutions™. For more information, please contact info@rotorclip.com or call +1 732 469 7333. rotorclip.com

Author: Evan Slass


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