At BRALO we have a SMART balance since we design, engineer, manufacture and distribute our products.

Our innovation strategy leads us to enrich the product family every year: for 2021 we have already introduced 2 new structural rivets (G-BRA and MULTILOCK), a new professional riveting tool (BM-3001) and a new oleo-pneumatic riveting tool for insert nuts ( BNT-N).

We have also added a new member to our family of manual riveting tools for insert nuts: TR-412.

Adaptation and resilience are and will be the key to our success.

Innovation is nothing new to us. Last year the fixing sector saw some innovations of BRALO: a new complete range of battery riveting tools (BET series), SR rivets with high moisture resistance, our new complete range of breaking-mandrel blind rivets for the solar energy sector and the new S-Trebol Water Proof rivets for decking.

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Author: BRALO

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