The smallest Tangless insert ever manufactured

In order to keep up with technological advances the products are getting smaller, lighter and more powerful, both in electronics and mechanics. As a response to this trend KATO Advanex keeps developing innovative technology, as with Tangless inserts M2 and 0-80 for which KATO Advanex uses a proprietary technology. The inserts are available in Free Running version and with lengths 1d, 1.5d, 2d

KATO Tangless threads require less installation time which means less production costs.

Studies on customers show that an amount that goes from $ 0.15 to $ 0.50 can be saved per each hole, furthermore the risk of damage to machined parts is avoided as well as the risk of secondary operations. With KATO Tangless threads, the number of parts rejected and reworked due to incorrect installation of the inserts is drastically reduced. The presence of a notch on each side allows the adjustment (for example with a too deep installation) and even the complete removal of the insert with an easy unscrewing that does not cause any damage to the part or to the insert. This is not easily possible with a classic insert or a pull stud.

Not convinced yet?

  • KATO Tangless means no tang to break off, retrieve or lose.
  • KATO Tangless eliminates the need to purchase tools for breaking the tang or the waste of time required to recover the tangs from the blind holes
  • KATO Tangless substantially reduces installation costs compared with classic insert or pull studs.
  • KATO Tangless complies with NAS1130, NA0276, NASM8846
  • KATO Tangless is a FOD Free fastener, for a greater flight safety
  • KATO Tangless allows a non-destructive removal and adjustment of the insert
  • KATO Tangless is bi-directional, no need to orientate during installation

NAS – National Aerospace Standard approved

Approvati NAS – National Aerospace Standard

KATO Tangless wire threads are now the favourite design of many company in the aerospace an defence sector. NAS1130 and NA0276 norms have been specifically released for KATO Tangless threads

Sources: KATO Fastening Systems Inc – Advanex Europe Ltd

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