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  • Bulten establishes operation in India through joint venture company

    Posted in Fasteners manufacturers, Innovation on Nov 23, 2023

    Bulten is establishing manufacturing operations in India through a newly formed joint venture company – Bulten Radium Industries Private Ltd. – alongside two partners: Radium Fasteners Private Ltd. (Radium) and ZJK Precision Parts HK (ZJK). The driver is an increased need for domestically produced micro screws among international customers in the electronics sector with production in India.

    “Our ambition is to increase sales, primarily of micro screws, to companies in the electronics industry. India is a growing market for this segment, as many international manufacturers of electronics are locating more and more of their Asian production in India. This is the driver behind our new operation in India, and we plan to begin production during the first half of next year,” says Anders Nyström, President and CEO of Bulten.

    The operation will be based at a new production plant currently being constructed in Jamnagar, in the western Indian state of Gujarat. The aim is to be fully up and running during the second quarter of 2024, and to have about 50 employees. The building will be leased by Bulten Radium Industries Private Ltd. and therefore involves only limited investment costs for Bulten.

    Bulten has a 51 per cent holding in the newly formed joint venture company. ZJK has previously been a partner to Bulten for the manufacture of micro screws in China, and Radium is a newly formed company owned by experienced players in the fastener industry in India.

    As well as the newly started JV company, Bulten also operates in India through the newly acquired distribution company Exim Mfr & Enterprise.

    Author: Ulrika Hultgren

    SVP Corporate Communications & IR, +46 727-47 17 58,

  • BUMAX chosen for the Einstein Telescope project

    Posted in Aerospace fasteners, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Manufacturing technology on Nov 21, 2023

    Swedish specialist fastener manufacturer BUMAX has been selected to supply premium fasteners to ETpathfinder, an R&D facility at Maastricht University for testing and prototyping innovative concepts and enabling new technologies for the Einstein Telescope (ET).

    The Einstein Telescope is a next generation underground gravitational wave observatory. The ET is being developed to be 100 times more sensitive than current instruments and is scheduled for completion in 2035. The telescope will enable scientists to study the precise structure of neutron stars, the birth of black holes and the structure of the universe immediately after the Big Bang.

    Regular fasteners not an option

    The ETpathfinder equipment is currently being assembled in a cleanroom that includes a large vacuum vessel containing various optics and seismic attenuation structures to isolate the test setup as much as possible from any noise from the outside world. The test setup resides in a vacuum to further remove vibrations carried through the air, and to also minimize interference of air molecules with the optics and lasers.

    “Because we can’t use any oils or lubricants in our cleanroom, regular fasteners just aren’t an option,” explains Mathijs Baars, Mechanical Engineer at the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics (Nikhef). “We investigated various fastener alternatives, including titanium-nitride coated fasteners, but BUMAX was the only solution that fully met our requirements while still being cost effective.”

    Anti-galling properties crucial

    BUMAX is supplying bolts, washers and nuts in the BUMAX 88 stainless steel grade which offers anti-galling properties. Galling is common with regular stainless steel fasteners and involves the fastener seizing up with the internal threads as a result of cold welding. In the ETpathfinder project, some parts may need to be disassembled and reassembled more than 100 times over the coming couple of decades. Any galling issues would have serious consequences for the project.


    “The worst-case scenario for us would be if a galled fastener were to weld with one of our custom-made vacuum parts as these would be very costly to replace,” says Baars. “This is why choosing fasteners with anti-galling properties is essential risk management for the entire ETpathfinder project – particularly in the vacuum chamber where we will only use BUMAX fasteners.”

    The BUMAX® 88 bolts and nuts delivered to the ETpathfinder project are electro polished, receive kolsterised treatment and are cleanroom packed. This is important to avoid particles from the nuts and bolts in the ETpathfinder cleanroom and Kolsterisation increases surface hardness, which further reduces the risk of galling.

    Cryogenic temperature resistance

    The ETpathfinder mirrors will be cooled to 8K (-265°C) when they are operational to ensure optimum performance. The mirrors are cooled to reduce thermal noise, which is the vibration of atoms that scales with that atom’s temperature.


    Metals typically become brittle at cryogenic temperatures, which makes them prone to sudden failure. However, BUMAX® 88 fasteners provide good resistance to cryogenic temperatures due to their high material quality, low impurities and high-quality finish. Third-party tests have shown that BUMAX® 88 fasteners retain excellent ductility even in temperatures as low as 0K (-273°C).

    BUMAX often chosen for challenging scientific R&D projects and other hi-tech manufacturing industries

    “Our premium fasteners have been chosen for many scientific high-profile projects and products, including CERN and ISS , and this is yet another one,” said Lars Holm, Managing Director of BUMAX. “We are very proud to have been selected to be part of the Einstein Telescope project, which is of course testament to the high quality of our products.”

    Author: BUMAX

  • FASTENER POLAND® – the fastener industry celebration is now over

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers on Nov 14, 2023

    Two days of industry meetings, thousands of conversations, guests from dozens of countries, an expert conference, novelties and premieres. This is how the 6th edition of the International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology FASTENER POLAND® looked. Exhibitors and visitors leaving EXPO Kraków after the trade fair commented very positively about it. They paid attention primarily to specific and substantive conversations and the high business potential of the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair.


    Even before the first customers arrived at EXPO Krakow, it was known that this year's edition of the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair would be successful in many respects. 150 producers and distributors from 15 countries presented their offers, including 77% of exhibitors from abroad. The statistics regarding visitors are even more interesting. Of the 3,258 people who visited the fair, 45% were from abroad, from 42 countries. Most visitors came to the fair from Italy, the Czech Republic and Ukraine, but there were also guests from such distant countries as India, Taiwan, Brazil and China. The international business atmosphere was visible every step of the way at EXPO Kraków.

    A novelty of this year's edition of the trade fair was the zone of fasteners for the energy, electrical engineering and renewable energy sources sectors. Poland is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of the size of the photovoltaics market, and in Europe we are third after Germany and Spain. The industry has recorded continuous increases in sales and is developing dynamically, so the demand for specialised components is constantly growing. It was these, innovative and meeting the highest quality standards, that were presented in the zone dedicated to energy.

    The high level of business meetings and the potential that the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair brings to the development of the fastener industry are confirmed by the opinions of our exhibitors. Mr. Tomasz Karwowski, Commercial Director of DROMET Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. appreciates, above all, the opportunity to meet many new customers – (...) our main goal is to meet new customers – – customers from outside our country. Every year we manage to achieve this goal. I'm very happy with this. Among the foreign customers who visited our stand this year were also those with whom we had not had contact before.

    An important and interesting aspect is noted by Andrea Villa, Vice-President of the Management Board of EUROFIX Italia – (...) The FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair is not as large as other events in the world, but it is very specialised, which means that I have time to talk to every client. I can spend several minutes talking to him and discuss in detail all the issues that interest him. This is very important for us.

    An indispensable element of the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair is the industry conference. Each year, the most current topics for the industry are discussed. This time the main theme was ecology and economics in the fastener industry, and the challenges and opportunities they entail. The most discussed issue was the CBAM. New regulations and the changes related to their introduction are another challenge for entrepreneurs importing products from outside the EU. They are an element of the broadly understood green revolution that we are all witnessing, which results not only in challenges, but also in opportunities for entrepreneurs. The development of ecological and economic construction and renewable energy sources requires access to fasteners that meet the highest quality standards. The market responds to these needs by designing and delivering the best solutions with increased resistance to the difficult conditions in which these systems are used. All these problems were discussed by respected experts, and the conference enjoyed great interest among visitors and exhibitors alike.

    The next edition of the only trade fair for fasteners and fixing techniques in this part of Europe will take place next year. We invite you to plan your participation and follow preparations for the trade fair on our social media profiles and on the website


  • 3 Synergistic Exhibitions Bridging Borders, Empowering Supply Chains in Taiwan

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fasteners manufacturers on Oct 11, 2023

    Taiwan Hardware Show, International Metal Technology Taiwan and T-SAFE Occupational Safety Taiwan ready to welcome international buyers from 18 to 20 Oct

    The stage is set for a large global manufacturer-buyer gathering as Taipei welcomes three synergistic exhibitions featuring the 22nd edition of Taiwan Hardware Show (THS), 8th edition of International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan), and 1st edition of T-Safe Occupational Safety Taiwan. Themed "Bridging Borders, Empowering Supply Chains in Taiwan," specifically to highlight Taiwans centrality in being the nations and North Asia’s production and supply hub, this global-customer focused trade exhibitions will together deliver an industry-changer trade platform for the global hardware, metal technology, and safety equipment industries.

    THS, iMT Taiwan and the inaugural T-SAFE will boast an impressive technology showcase from a lineup of 300 exhibitors across 10,000 square meters of exhibition space, over 3 show days from 18 to 20 October at the Nangang Exhibition Center. Exhibitors comprise a diverse array of industry leaders and innovators, converging to exhibit their cutting-edge products and solutions to meet industry demands to see the best of Made-in-Taiwan innovations that are well-known of its high export quality.

    The lively show floor exhibition will accommodate the latest new-in-market and trend-fronting OEM offerings in hardware, metal technology, and safety products. Trade visitors can explore a wide range of products, from power tools and accessories to locks, fasteners, building supplies, plumbing hardware, garden and outdoor equipment, automotive supplies, and more. Additionally, attendees can participate in over 30 onsite seminars and networking events led by supporting organizations such as EDRA/GHIN, GAMMA (Federation of Indonesia Metal Works And Machinery Industries Association), the Malaysia Federation of Hardware, Machinery & Building Materials Dealers’, Taiwan MIRDC and other international supporters whose presentations are designed to enhance industry knowledge exchange. Hardware professionals can look forward to engaging sessions with product manufacturers presenting their creative know-how at the ‘DIY Demo Area.’

    As an innovation-driven trade platform, the exhibition will feature tech-enabled digital services under its ‘Expo Tech’ value proposition, providing for the first-time autostereoscopic 3D display, touchscreen exhibition show floor plan, Web VR exhibition experience and smart scanning for lead retrieval – all features mirroring its organizer, Kaigo Co,. Ltd. digital upscaling efforts to enhance the visit and participation experience for all attendees.

    Record number of visiting countries and high-value visitor experience expected

    The exhibition will be graced by esteemed international VIP delegations and media representatives from around the world, including Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, France, Vietnam, Korea, and more. Their presence underscores the global significance of this event. Furthermore, pre-registration has seen a remarkable response, with visitors hailing from an astounding 63 countries. This diversity highlights the exhibition worldwide appeal and its capacity to facilitate international collaborations.

    "As the organizers of this sourcing-focused exhibition, our primary objective is to showcase Taiwan's exceptional manufacturing capabilities, producing products of global standards that international buyers are eagerly seeking to distribute in their home markets. Through the Taiwan Hardware Show, International Metal Technology Taiwan, and T-Safe Occupational Safety Taiwan, we aim to demonstrate how Taiwan stands at the forefront of industries, offering quality and innovation that empowers supply chains worldwide. Taiwan's commitment to excellence makes it the ideal partner for global buyers looking to bring top-tier products to their markets," highlighted Mr Gerd Keim, President of Kaigo Co,. Ltd.

    The Taiwan Hardware Show and International Metal Technology Taiwan will showcase a wide array of products and services, including power tools, tools & accessories, locks & fittings, fasteners & fittings, building supplies, plumbing hardware, garden & outdoor equipment, automotive supplies & accessories, machine & plant equipment. Simultaneously, T-Safe Occupational Safety Taiwan will present the latest advancements in safety equipment and products, ensuring that attendees are well-informed about the most critical aspects of occupational safety that are getting keen concern from Taiwan’s industries committed to ensuring their workforce well-being as they serve world markets’ needs for Taiwan’s trusted quality-marked products.

    Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this industry- exhibition that brings together the best and brightest in the hardware, metal technology, and safety industries. Apart from the extensive networking opportunities, business matching services are also available to those seeking to source for top-quality products. The exhibitions are a must-visit, promising an experience that will empower competitive businesses and enhance entrepreneurs’ global outlook. or to stay updated with the latest industry trends. The Taiwan Hardware Show (THS), International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan), and T-Safe Occupational Safety Taiwan are ready to bring out Taipei’s conducive location to hold a truly international exhibition that promises innovation, collaboration, and global impact.

    Author: Taiwan Hardware Show

    For further information, please visit the respective exhibition websites or contact:



    Tel: +886 2 2595 4212

    Fax: +886 2 2595 5726

  • China International Hardware Show 2023 concludes its remarkable 20-year journey and sets to embark on the new chapter of China’s hardware industry

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers, Hardware on Sep 30, 2023

    * Grand closing of China International Hardware Show 2023 with its 20th anniversary.

    * Industry forums and innovation awards bring in new insights to capture hardware trends.

    * Positive feedback from the CIHS 2023 onsite, exhibitors and visitors have confirmed their next participations.

    China’s hardware industry is getting much-needed boost with the successful opening of China International Hardware Show (CIHS) on 19-21 September 2023 in Shanghai, China. After experiencing the waves of the global economy affecting numerous industries around the world, including China’s hardware businesses, this year's show was held in anticipation and received an overwhelming response from the industry for its 20th anniversary.

    As one of the most influential and professional annual hardware events in the global market, organised by China National Hardware Association and Koelnmesse Co., Ltd., CIHS 2023, in conjunction with its concurrent exhibitions “China International Building Hardware & Fasteners Show 2023” and “China International Locks & Security Doors Show 2023”, totally covers 120,000 square metres, featuring a wide range of products including tools, DIY & building hardware, lock, work safety & accessories as well as processing equipment and garden tools.

    Total of 2,623 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions have brought tens of thousands of brands and products to showcase their products, exchange and network to take advantage of the great business opportunities. The fair has warmly received 68,405 visits from 97 countries and regions worldwide during the three-day period, among which, the international trade buyers accounted for 7.7 percent.

    Supported by Koelnmesse’s international hardware trade fairs, as well as embassies, consulates and trade associations worldwide, CIHS 2023 welcomed the encouraging re-entry of international participants, especially from Germany, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India, China Taiwan, etc.

    During the three-day event, renowned domestic hardware enterprises participated. Some of the key participants included Great Star, Wendeng Maxpower, Ningbo Great Wall, Jiangsu Hongbao, Hebei Zhongbo, Zhejiang Huafeng and Tiangong International. Additionally, Chinese brands representing local hardware industry clusters and associations, such as Yongkang, Jiande, Jinhua, Lin’an, Xiaolan, Anping, Taigu and Pujiang, also proudly showcased their products. This show served as a testament to the superior quality and craftsmanship of “Made in China” products.

    “Though CIHS was interrupted for three years due to the pandemic, this year’s event marks a grand comeback and restart, and we have exceeded expectations in terms of the scales, numbers of exhibitors and visitors, performance of events and the feedbacks from all participants,” Mr. ZHANG Dongli, President of China National Hardware Association stated, “such achievement symbolises the dedication and innovative inputs of the organisers and respective partners, as well as the active support and participation of all exhibitors and visitors. After over three years of endeavors, a splendid event has been presented during the 3 show days. Not only did it exceed everyone’s anticipation, but it also laid a solid foundation for the successful show in 2024. Meanwhile, we will continue to facilitate all participants with more premium services, improvement initiatives and build a development pattern that empowers a spectacular CIHS.”

    On the occasion of CIHS’ 20th anniversary, the organisers have launched a series of celebration events, including an onsite gallery dedicated to honouring CIHS’ exceptional journey over the past two decades. This dedicated area showcased the impressive growth of the exhibition, with expanded scope and increased participation from valued exhibitors and visitors. The remarkable showcase highlighted the extraordinary progress made and set the stage for future milestones. Additionally, faithful enterprises and exceptional service providers have been honoured and praised for their continuous support and unwavering commitment to CIHS.

    “In the past two decades, we have witnessed the prosperous development of China's hardware industry and contributed to the enhancement of international cooperation and exchanges. With years of expansion and accumulation, CIHS has successfully evolved into the ideal choice and access for overseas buyers in the Chinese market,” remarked Mr. Oliver Frese, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH, “at a time when the global economy is stabilising in the post-pandemic era, we are delighted to provide comprehensive support to enterprises in expanding their global export capabilities and distribution networks through our on-site events and services.”

    The much-anticipated events such as awards and competitions, conferences and forums, industry networking were in full swing during show days This year, onsite exhibitors and visitors enjoyed as many as 52 conference sessions, themed matchmaking sessions, competitions and innovation award activities, covering hot topics of the entire industry, and providing a more diversified showcase and interactive experience.

    The China National Hardware Association and the China Industrial Design Association jointly organised the 4th edition of "Golden Hook" China Lock and Technological Equipment Design Competition. Seven esteemed judges from the organisers, Tsinghua University and Shandong University reviewed 38 lock products from 33 exhibitors, garnering significant interests from the industry.

    In the inaugural “CIHS Best Product Awards”, a total of 24 Excellence Awards, 65 Exquisite Awards, and New Product Awards were conferred. This recognises and promotes the industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative products of the year, providing cutting-edge product information to propel the industrial development and facilitate its growth.

    The newly introduced Foreign Trade Channel Development Forum has gained the active participation and high recognition of industry colleagues. Esteemed attendees have affirmed that the forum offers a range of valuable information and effective channels for trade communication, enabling businesses to overcome marketing obstacles and enhance channel management efficiency.

    The dedicated matchmaking sessions themed on supply and demand from various countries and regions, mainly targeted market channels in Europe, America, Latin America and the “Belt and Road”. During show days, 325 meetings between buyers and exhibitors were effectively facilitating onsite. In addition, 318 hosted buyers have been formed into various procurement delegations from supermarket and distribution channels in 80 countries and regions and engaged in-depth trade and business communications with selected exhibitors.

    Positive feedback from the CIHS 2023 onsite, exhibitors and visitors have expressed that they will continue to participate next year “We’re Kaijie Abrasives and mainly specialise in abrasive mold production and have been in the industry for 30 years. We have been participating in the CIHS since its second edition. We are truly grateful to the organisers for providing us with the opportunity and platform to communicate with international visitors. CIHS has significantly contributed to our growth. We hope to meet many new customers every year,” was highly appraised by Mr. Hou Qingkai, General Manager of Xuchang Kaijie Abrasive Co., Ltd.

    “I’m from Saudi Arabia. I have a company here in China and in my country as well, dealing with hardware products such as painting tools, drills and cutting accessories. I have visited this trade fair multiple times, expanding our business with Chinese suppliers. I’m interested in Chinese manufacturers because they can fulfill the clients’ requirements such as providing with high quality, good prices and cooperation and the efficiency we need. I feel that this fair can provide the customers who would like to find new suppliers of what they need and give a good access to Chinese suppliers,” commented by Mr. Osama Al-Refaei, General Manager of Yiwu Wise Trading Co., Ltd.

    In 2023, in the new situation of the international and domestic economy, the hardware market is encountering important and unprecedented changes. In the meantime, the hardware industry is facing serious challenges as well as rare opportunities. “With the positive signals of industry’s recovery and the support of all partners, exhibitors and visitors, CIHS will be able to embrace new opportunities, meet new challenges, set the industry’s new benchmark and jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the hardware industry through the exhibition platform,” added Mr. Keith Tsui, Managing Director of Koelnmesse Co., Ltd.

    For more information about China International Hardware Show, please click on

    Author: Ms. Cathy Zhang

    Tel.: + 86 21 6390 6161-810 Fax :+ 86 21 6390 6858 E-mail:

    Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Unit 3103, Wheelock Square, No. 1717 Nanjing West Road Shanghai 200040, P.R. China

    Managing Director: Keith Tsui

  • FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair - no 1 in Central and Eastern Europe

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers on Sep 19, 2023

    Transformed supply chains and international cooperation networks, the war in Ukraine, an increase in production costs, the introduction of carbon tariffs (CBAM), competition with countries with low production costs, smooth adaptation to changing customer needs, investments in innovation and new technologies - these are the topics that manufacturers and distributors will discuss during the FASTENER POLAND® International Trade Fair of Fastener and Fixing Technology. The 6th edition of the event will take place on October 18-19, 2023 at EXPO Krakow, and the theme will be ecology.


    The entire industry in one place

    The FASTENER POLAND® is the only international fair of fasteners organized in Central and Eastern Europe - a key forum for exchanging experiences, learning about new products, as well as building effective trade relations between companies from around the world. The pandemic has shown very clearly that face-to-face meetings cannot be replaced in business. FASTENER POLAND® is back to its pre-pandemic state. In October, over 150 companies from 15 countries will present their offer. They will present the most modern industrial fasteners and fittings (from screws, through rivets to nuts, pins or wedges), construction fasteners (anchors, concrete screws, fixing facades and insulation), advanced assembly and installation systems (with the presentation of the latest riveting devices, screwdrivers and screw insertion systems or assembly brackets), as well as technologies for the production of fasteners and devices for their storage and distribution.

    We connect buyers from all over the world

    The fair will be visited by buyers from industries that use fasteners for the production of their products. This year, the organizers direct the promotional campaign especially to industries with the greatest potential. Photovoltaics, automotive, aviation and the medical industry are sectors with the greatest demand for all types of fasteners and fixings. Poland is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of the size of the photovoltaic market. In Europe, only Germany and Spain are ahead of us in this regard. The industry records continuous sales increases and is developing dynamically. Therefore, the demand for components is growing, in particular for specialized and quality fasteners. The fasteners market responds to these needs by designing and delivering the best solutions with enhanced resistance to difficult conditions in which solar systems are used. Several dozen manufacturers will present their solutions on a special zone dedicated to this industry.

    Bleisure - combining business with spare time

    We believe that success begins with meetings, therefore organizers encourage everyone interested in expanding business contacts to participate in the fair. In addition to free invitations to the fair, a program combining business travel with leisure was developed. Trend Bleisure - a word created from the combination of the words "business" and "leisure" - is the key message of the strategy implemented by Targi w Krakowie Ltd. Participants of the fair will be inspired by the map of attractions, which will include recommended accommodation, local restaurants, monuments, climatic places and cultural centers. And since there is no shortage of interesting places in Krakow, the organizers are sure that some customers will extend their stay by additional days.

    List of exhibitors, trade fair novelties, free registration for guests, hotel offer and a list of recommended restaurants and places worth visiting at


  • Strategic realignment with the establishment of a new joint venture.

    Posted in Fasteners manufacturers, Industry 4.0 on Aug 25, 2023

    EJOT Group focuses on North American market

    With the implementation of the future concept "EJOT 2025", the EJOT Group will focus more strongly on international markets outside Europe. An important building block is the strategic reorientation of the activities on the North American continent. For this purpose, the two long-standing joint venture partners EJOT and Accurate Threaded Fasteners, Inc. (ATF) have realigned their activities in the field of industrial fasteners.


    The core point is the foundation of the new joint venture "EJOT ATF LP", of which EJOT holds a majority share of 51 percent. In addition to the North American business of the EJOT Market Unit Industry, the company Accurate Threaded Fasteners, Inc. (ATF) will be merged into this joint venture. The headquarters are located in Lincolnwood/Illinois, north of Chicago, as well as two other, smaller locations in the state of Michigan, near the automotive metropolis Detroit. In the existing joint venture "EJOTATF Fasteners de Mexico" (San Luis Potosi/Mexico), EJOT will also receive the majority of the company shares. In the future, the locations in the USA and Mexico will form a joint North American unit for the development, production and marketing of fasteners, such as screws and cold formed parts for industrial customers.


    The US company EJOT LP will remain in existence and will be managed in future as a pure sales company of the Market Unit Construction (MUC).

    "The new corporate structure will again improve our market position, especially in the automotive industry, and create new opportunities for both partners," emphasizes EJOT CEO Christian Kocherscheidt. The new American unit now offers a state-of-the-art product portfolio in the area of thread-forming fasteners. EJOT's approach of reducing system costs for customers by pre-designing the joint is supported by further investments in application technology laboratories and simulation programs. "In addition, the company is embedded in the global sales and production system of the EJOT Group, which improves service for North American customers - with the goal of playing a leading role in the US fastener market," Kocherscheidt added.

    In the automotive industry, the growth markets with demanding and dynamic customers are increasingly located in North America and Asia. He added that customers in Germany and Europe would not be neglected. "However, we have to take note that the general conditions in Europe have become more difficult." As a medium-sized family-owned company, EJOT strives to recognize risks, balance them as much as possible and seize opportunities, Kocherscheidt explains. "As a technology leader, we can bring great benefits to customers in North America, especially in the area of e-mobility."


    For the EJOT Group these changes are linked with an increase of about 300 employees. Thus, for the first time, the family-owned company from Bad Berleburg with a total of about 4,400 employees has a predominant share of employees outside Germany.

    Another change concerns the area of headlight adjustment systems: Up to now, the EJOT Group was active in this field with the EJOT SE & Co.KG in the European and Asian market, as well as in North America with the joint venture ASYST Technologies in Kenosha/Wisconsin. ASYST Technologies was founded in 1996 by EJOT and the owner family of ATF and has become the market leader in North America.

    With the increasing globalization of the European, Asian and American customers, both owner families decided to bundle the worldwide activities in headlamp adjustment at ASYST Technologies and to transfer the entrepreneurial leadership of the joint activities in headlamp adjustment to this company. In this new division, the EJOT plants will assume the role of production service provider outside North America. EJOT will also provide project-related services for ASYST Technologies in the area of product development.


    • Both companies, EJOT and ATF, are family businesses. The owner families Kocherscheidt and Surber have been friends for decades.
    • Entrepreneurial passion, innovative strength, employee orientation as well as social and societal responsibility characterize both joint venture partners.
    • ATF was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Lincolnwood, a suburb of Chicago. In 2022 the company had sales of approximately $100 million.

    Author: Andreas Wolf

    Public relation

    Telephone: +49 2751 529-6905

  • BUMAX selected for demanding ultrasonic welding application

    Posted in Fasteners manufacturers, Industry 4.0 on Jul 24, 2023

    Swedish premium fastener manufacturer BUMAX has been selected to provide fasteners to be used in machines for ultrasonic metal welding. The client is Schunk Sonosystems, a global leading specialist in the field of ultrasonic metal welding.

    German specialist machine maker Schunk Sonosystems has decided to use BUMAX DX 129 screws for all its ultrasonic welding flexure sonotrode products to further improve quality and reliability. The machines are mainly used in the automobile industry.

    Standard steel bolts simply cannot cope with the extreme pulling and bending forces of ultrasonic vibration, so we had to find a bolt that does,” said Stefan Mueller, Head of R&D at Schunk Sonosystems. “Of all the screws we tested, only BUMAX met all our needs. Not only are BUMAX consistent in how they perform and do not break, they last the lifetime of the sonotrode without problem, are not creating abrasion dust on the screw head and do not require rust protection.”

    Extreme levels of vibration

    Schunk Sonosystems is a global leader in developing and building machines for ultrasonic metal welding – such as their industry-leading flexure sonotrode. Their machines include a sonotrode or welding tip that transfers vibrational energy to the workpiece. Up to two high-strength bolts are required to fix the sonotrode, which is subject to extreme levels of vibration due to the very high frequency used in ultrasonic welding.

    ultrasonic welding machine MAIN.png

    Ultrasonic welding is a solid-state welding process that uses ultrasonic vibrations to weld pieces of metal together. The metals are welded together by heat generated by friction when applying high-frequency ultrasonic vibrational energy.

    ultrasonic welding machine2.png

    The BUMAX DX 129 (Duplex stainless steel) offers very high tensile strengths of min. 1,200 MPa and excellent fatigue resistance properties. It deals successfully with the with extreme forces during the ultrasonic welding process, such as 20,000 vibrations per second.

    Excellent fatigue strength

    The high fatigue strength that BUMAX screws offer is crucial to their ability to withstand a high number of cycles without fracture. All BUMAX bolts are made with the highest quality European steel, and its advanced manufacturing processes result in the further enhancement of the material’s fatigue resistance properties.

    Fatigue fracture often begins with a stress concentration such as inclusions, slags or surface defects. The high-quality raw materials BUMAX uses, together with the best metallurgical processes and good surface properties, guarantee excellent fatigue strength. BUMAX also uses rolled threads rather than cut threads, which further increases fatigue resistance.

    Author: Nimeka de Silva

    Head of Marketing, BUMAX AB

    Tel: +44 (0) 7904 980037 | +44 (0) 1527 593780


  • International Fastener Show 2023

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers, Hardware on Jul 19, 2023

    International Fastener Show 2023, supported by China Fastener will be held from July 1-31, 2023. It is expected that more than 300 exhibitors, 100,000 international buyers will participate in the show.

    Making full use of 19-year experience in B2B platform operation and 13-year experience in Fastener Expo Shanghai, China Fastener devotes all efforts to link the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.

    Suppliers and buyers


    Most of them are from Haiyan, a well-known high-quality fastener production area in China. Their products are sold well in major fastener markets around the world such as Europe, America, Asia-Pacific.

    At the same time, the Show will also invite purchasers from all over the world to participate. Well-known companies such as Würth, Böllhoff and Leja Europe have found suitable suppliers through International Fastener Show.

    1 on 1 Purchase Meeting


    The 1 one 1 Purchase Meeting connects international buyers with Chinese Fastener suppliers without being limited by venues. The professional customer service team will coordinate the meeting to help buyers find qualified suppliers efficiently.

    As of December 31st, 2022, more than 2611 Meetings have been completed in the history of International Fastener Show. More than 60 Haiyan companies have reached a purchase intention of $10 million with 2493 buyers from 55 countries.

    Online events

    It helps fastener companies to link domestic and foreign upstream and downstream enterprises’ needs through various forms such as “cloud exhibitions”, “cloud interactions”, “cloud negotiations”, “cloud factory visits”, “cloud forums”, etc., to establish new channels for Chinese enterprises to expand overseas markets and create more accurate , more convenient and higher-quality online procurement platforms for foreign purchasers.

    This is an online event that you definitely cannot miss! If you are interested in the 2023 online exhibition, you can contact us at +86-16605830755 or visit our website at

    Author: International Fastener Show

  • FASTENER POLAND® International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology

    Posted in Fairs and exhibitions, Fastener distribution, Fastener suppliers, Fasteners manufacturers on Jul 17, 2023

    The current year is undoubtedly a period full of challenges for the fastener industry. The complicated political and economic situation, problems related to supply chains and the progressive slowdown on the construction market mean that entrepreneurs once again have to face various challenges. However, industry reports show that despite the difficulties, the industry has a chance for further development, and in the long run, entrepreneurs will be able to turn the current turmoil into profit. It is worth remembering and planning participation in the 6th edition of the FASTENER POLAND® International Trade Fair for Fastener and Fixing Technology, which will take place on October 18-19, invariably at EXPO Krakow.


    Exhibitors and visitors from over a dozen countries, industry news and premieres, many hours of talks, expert conferences, B2B meetings - this is what the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair in Krakow looked like last year. As many as 65% of the Exhibitors came from abroad. This year's edition promises to be equally good, as the participation of Exhibitors has already been confirmed, e.g. from: Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Estonia, Malta, Italy, Hungary, China, Vietnam and Taiwan. The international nature of the event only emphasizes how important trade fair meetings are for the entire industry. And although the fair is an investment, which, especially in difficult times, may seem like a significant burden on the company's budget, its effects are often visible several months after the end of the event. We know this from our regular Exhibitors who return to EXPO Krakow every year to present their offer. Therefore, we encourage you to plan your participation in this year's edition of FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair now. This gives you the opportunity to choose an attractive booth location and take advantage of additional, free forms of promotion.


    The FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair is the only international fair of fasteners organized in Central and Eastern Europe. The scope of the exhibition includes, among others: the most modern industrial fasteners and fixing (from bolts to nuts, clamps and rings); building fasteners (anchors, concrete screws, fastening of facades and insulation); advanced assembly and installation systems, as well as technologies for the production of fasteners and devices for their storage and distribution.


    6th edition of the FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair promises to be very good. After 3 years of travel difficulties, this year's participation in the fair is confirmed by Exhibitors and guests from the farthest corners of the world. The list of Exhibitors is now available at . We also invite you to follow the trade fair profiles in social media, where we publish industry news on an ongoing basis and reveal what our Exhibitors will present at their stands this year. For those interested in visiting the fair, we have prepared a pool of free admission tickets. To receive them, just complete a short form available on the fair website. :