Bulten has signed a lease contract on a manufacturing facility in Taipei through its subsidiary PSM Fasteners Taiwan Ltd (PSM Taiwan). The new location allows for a more efficient and sustainable operation and a base for further expansion. The current operation of PSM Taiwan will be moved to the new location during the fall of 2020.

PSM Taiwan was acquired by Bulten in February 2020 and is today primarily producing machined, smaller dimension fasteners for both automotive and non-automotive customers. In line with plans to make the production more efficient, as well as expanding PSM Taiwan’s manufacturing capacity and provide a sustainable and attractive work environment for the employees, PSM Taiwan will transfer its operations from its current location to the new site, located approximately 30 minutes from the existing one. The larger floor space will make it possible to both in-source a portion of the components that are currently purchased from suppliers, and to utilize PSM Taiwan for production in connection with new contracts. The new building is also more suitable for the operations and will allow for a range of desired improvements to be made.

“We are continuing to move ahead with the plans we made in connection to the acquisition of PSM and this move will enable us to execute on synergies identified early on in that process”,

says Anders Nyström, President and CEO of Bulten.

The lease runs for a period of five years with optional extension. One-time transfer costs will be approximately 4 MSEK and the incremental recurring lease cost will be approximately 1.8 MSEK per year.

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Author: Anders Nyström (President and CEO, Bulten)

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