Organized by Voli Fuar, with the motto of “Growing Together” 6th International Istanbul Hardware held in the new venue with additional halls in 25,000 sqm, achieved a major success. The Istanbul Hardware Show once again prognosticated of being a milestone in the Turkish hardware industry and has achieved to entitle the internationality degree long time ago. International Istanbul Hardware Fair turned out to be a commercial arena participated by a total of 257 participants, and visited by 23,525 visitors domestic and international, as the only and unique event specialized in hardware and tools in Turkey. International Istanbul Hardware Fair opened the fair season of all international hardware fairs and become the first comprehensive exhibition of the year.


Mr. Mustafa Varank, The Minister of Industry & Technology, visited the fair in the opening day. Having accompanied by Zülküf Karadayi, Project Director, Varank stopped by all the booths of the exhibitors and had discussions with the top management of the companies. Such, Mr. Şekip Avdagiç, President of the Executive Board, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, also visited the exhibition on the last day, and he also listened the challenges of the participants about the industry along with Karadayi.


Last, but not the least, the international purchasing delegations, conquered the fair. Delegations from GSP-2 and Gastroprom, two subsidiaries of Gazprom, the largest natural gas provider globally and top company of Russia, have marked 6th International Istanbul Hardware Fair on the 3rd and 4th days. Total hardware and tools purchase of these companies is estimated over 5 billion rubles globally. Following a brief presented by Yusuf Okçu, International Sales and Marketing Manager, International Istanbul Hardware Fair, the delegation visited all companies in their product range that they already have decided to supply.


Committing their motto, International Istanbul Hardware Fair, keep growing. 7th edition of the International Istanbul Hardware Fair, which has a world-class dynamism in innovation, novelty and diversity, will be held in 24-27 August 2023. Organizer Voli Fuar decided to hold the exhibition in a larger space of about 45,000 sqm with the addition of Halls 4 and 8,. The organizers will dedicate Hall 8 to Occupational Health & Safety Industry on 8,450 sqm in the upcoming edition.

The organizers recommend the visitors to arrange 4 days to visit the exhibition efficiently and to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, where East meets West. We hope to see you next edition…


Author: Yusuf Okcu

International Sales & Marketing Manager

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